Performance of closed energy fireplace

Performance of closed energy fireplace

One of the biggest advantages of a closed energy fireplace is performance.


Percentage yields in the closed hob reach 65-80%.

This is due to the fact that in the closed hearth, the air that consumes the fireplace for burning is very small, 6-8 m3 per hour per kilogram of wood, while in the open fire, huge amounts of hot air are removed from the house through chimney, resulting in 60 - 100μ3 per hour per kilogram of wood.

That is, the air removed from the chimney for combustion purposes is replenished with cold. Thus, not only do not remove energy from the house, but instead of the hot air generating system, they heat up the whole house.


The scientific explanation of high efficiency, however, is due to the high combustion temperatures that develop in the furnace and ignite a large amount of gas (monoxide), which would otherwise go unburned into the chimney. These gases are energy that only the closed hearth exploits.


--->>In PETRALAND, you will find energy-restricted hotplates from the best factories with yields of up to 82%.