Why to start a fireplace renovation?

Why to start a fireplace renovation?

New Fireplaces

Shop for a new fireplace if you’re building a new home or installing an energy fireplace where there isn’t one already.

New fireplaces are available in modern, contemporary, traditional and classic styles.

You can find all types of fireplaces and wood stove at PETRALAND show room.

1)      Why to start a fireplace renovation?

Give your fireplace a purpose!

Once installed, your new fireplace has an important job to do, and that’s what you need to keep in mind while shopping.

There are many reasons to start a fireplace renovation, a few common ones include:

  • To update the look of a room, you can find many modern and classic designs at Petraland stores.
  • To heat rooms, the energy fireplaces produce until 15Kw of heat and are 3 times more efficient than traditional fireplaces.
  • To upgrade an inefficient fireplace and put energy fireplace with hot efficiency until 80%.
  • To reduce monthly heating bills by up to 20-40%, because the energy fireplace is 3 times more economic than traditional fireplaces.

2)      Understand what type of fireplace you need

Are you shopping for an insert, a new energy fireplace or a wood stove?

Energy Fireplace Inserts

Many people who think they need a new fireplace actually need a fireplace insert. Inserts install quickly into existing masonry fireplace openings and they offer many benefits. In addition to heating, fireplace inserts

  • Create ambience,
  • Stop cold drafts,
  • Improve indoor air quality,
  • Instantly update the look of a room, 
  • They can even reduce your home heating bill.

 Available in multiple styles and sizes, and you can see all the models at PETRALAND show room in Limassol.