Category: Fireplaces
Style: Modern
Material: Iron Gypsum
Dimensions: 163CMH X 41CML X 45CMD

More Product Details

Nordpeis Lisboa is a narrow fireplace that takes very little floor space. Lisboa has an integrated firewall to the rear which allows it to be placed directly against a wall of combustible material. The stove has glass on three sides providing good view of the fire from three sides and a decorative wood compartment. 
The Lisboa  is an energy fireplace , and you will find it at PETRALAND store in Limassol.
It produces 6 Kw of heat.
It’s dimensions are:163CMH X 41CML X 45CMD
Smoke outlet: Top, Rear
Weight incl insert: 253 kg
Effect range: 3-6 KW
Heating area: 40-90 m² 
Log length: 30 cm
Smoke pipe dimention: 150 mm
Fresh air supply: Yes  
Efficiency: 81,8 %