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Gourmet Oven Cooker Stove

Style: Classic
Material: Iron
Element: Abstract
Dimensions: 112.8 cmH x 56.3 cmW x 43.5 cmD

More Product Details

The Gourmet is an energy wood stove , and you will find it at PETRALAND store in Limassol.
  • It produces 7.1 Kw of heat.
  • It’s dimensions are:112.8 cmH x 56.3 cmW x 43.5 cmD
    Hot performance: 81.1%
This woodstove is 3 times more efficient than traditional fireplaces and 3 times more economic.
You can regulate the heat according to your needs by simply moving a lever. You will simply love it!
Its design allows for easy installation and will be a beautiful addition to any room.